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Elevate Your Game to the Next Level!


Welcome to the ultimate destination for young players who are serious about taking their basketball skills to new heights. Our Advanced Basketball Clinics are designed to transform you into a well-rounded, unstoppable force on the court.

Whether you're aiming to perfect your shooting technique or refine your overall skills, our clinics provide an unparalleled opportunity to learn from the best and elevate your game like never before.

​Benefits of MSA Clinics

  • Expert Coaching

  • Challenging, Competitive, No Nonsense Program

  • Preparation For Reps Season

  • Playmaking & Court Awareness Development

  • Professionally Designed Curriculum

  • All Registrants Receive A Free Camp T-Shirt


For parents and players seeking an unparalleled training experience that gets results, the Advanced Skills Clinic elevates players performance to new heights.

This comprehensive clinic encompasses all the valuable components that will prepare players for representative and intense competition, amplified through:


Day 1: Shooting, Finishing & Ball Control

Day 2: Physical & Mental Toughness

Day 3: Playmaking, Read & React and Offensive Concepts

Day 4: Tactical Awareness & Point Guard Skills

Day 5: Individual & Team Defensive Concepts - Games

  • Challenging, Competitive, & High Performance-Style Drills.

  • Play-Making, Court Awareness & Decision Making Development. 

  • Age-Specific Strength and Conditioning Training

  • Individual 1v1 & Team Defensive Concepts


Expert Coaching


Challenging, Competitive, No Nonsense Program


Mentoring, Feedback & Solution Based Coaching

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Professional Curriculum


Age Appropriate Strength & Conditioning Program


Shooting, Ball Handling & Footwork Enhancement



Proven Track Record of Success

Our advanced basketball clinics have a history of producing remarkable results. Countless athletes who have attended our clinics have gone on to excel at the representative, collegiate and the international professional stage.

The consistent success stories speak volumes about the effectiveness of our player development program.


Expert Coaching

Experience top-notch coaching from our team of basketball experts. Our coaches, lead by Marvin Bayer, have years of experience in the game and are passionate about helping players improve their skills. With their guidance and expertise, you'll receive personalized attention and valuable feedback to enhance your performance. Join our advanced clinics and benefit from the knowledge and techniques shared by our experienced coaches.


Comprehensive Skill Spectrum

Our camps cover a wide spectrum of basketball skills, from fundamental techniques to advanced strategies. Whether it's honing shooting accuracy, improving defensive prowess, enhancing court vision, or developing leadership qualities, our comprehensive curriculum ensures players leave with a well-rounded skill set that sets them apart on and off the court.


Join us and elevate your game to the next level.

How MSA Basketball Clinics, support your child's development

During the holidays, give your child the gift of growth on the basketball court. Our Advanced Development Holiday Clinics focus on:


🧠 Elevating Basketball IQ: Empower your child with tactical awareness and game understanding.


🏀 Elite Skill Enhancement: Regardless of position, your child will hone skills akin to an elite point guard.


⚖️ Confident Decision Making: Equip your child to make informed decisions with poise and precision.


Our young players build their basketball fundamentals while learning practical individual and team offensive and defensive skills that will help them perform better on court.

We will motivate, educate, empower and instill discipline in your child during these pivotal years!

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The NSW government is helping kids participate in sporting activities.

If your a parent with children in NSW, you may be entitled to an Active Kids Voucher and claim

$50.00 or $100 off your MSA Basketball registration.

When redeeming your AKV, at checkout use the coupon code - AKV50 for a $50.00 discount or AKV100 for a $100 discount 

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