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We created the Hardcase sports bag to help you carry your sports gear, with a large rigid compartment to keep your boots separate.

Design of the 45L Hardcase shoulder bag

We designed the Hardcase bag by observing footballers going to training sessions and matches. The large boot compartment is really practical for storing your dirty boots after a match (rubber crumb, mud, etc.)

45L Hardcase shoulder bag dimensions and weight

Bag when folded: 49 x 29 x 5 cmBag when unfolded: 49 x 29 x 31 cm1050 g

Lab tests

The Hardcase sports bag underwent various lab tests during the design and production stages to validate its effectiveness. We tested: water-repellency, resistance to carrying and friction, and discolouration to ensure the bag holds up well to use over time.

Personal identification

We added a pocket to the shoulder strap where you can store a card with your contact info. This will help you correctly identify your bag when in a group.

The rigid compartment of the Hardcase sports bag helps you keep your sports clothes separate from your boots after a training session or match.


45-litre capacity.Folded bag 49x29x31cm.

Compact design

Bag can be folded in on both sides (bag folded = 49 x 29 x 5 cm)

Multiple compartments

4 compartments: 1 central - 1 side - 1 boots - 1 for small personal items.