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intermediate tennis players looking for socks that are comfortable, durable and stay up while playing.

Combed cotton

The fibres of this cotton have undergone an additional combing process to make them softer and more pure, thereby guaranteeing reliable quality. The material produced is particularly flexible, soft and pleasant to wear.

Plus loops underfoot and ventilation area on top

The plush loop zone is thicker and softer, offering greater durability and comfort.This sock allows the plush loops to envelop the foot, providing maximum comfort and durability.A ventilation zone made of knitted piqué is located on the top of the foot and helps it breathe more easily in the shoe.


The RS 500 high socks have recently been redesigned to make them longer lasting.We've strengthened the toe, heel and ball of the foot by twisting the main cotton thread with a more durable polyamide thread.

These sports socks have plush loop under the foot for improved comfort and perspiration absorption. Ventilation zone on top of the foot. Snug knit around the midfoot for support. Sold in packs of 3

Abrasion resistance

High thread-density knit. Reinforced heel and toes.Full plush loop.

Reduced chafing

Plush loops and the softness of combed cotton provide comfort. Ventilation zones


Elasticated band at the top. Close fit at the mid-foot for a better fit.

intermediate tennis players looking for socks that are comfortable durable and stay up while playing.