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Our design teams created this mouthguard to limit the risk of injuries (teeth and jaw) for beginner, occasional players.

Who is it designed for?

We designed an ergonomic mouthguard made of 100% EVA for easier moulding and optimal support. The adult mouthguard that fits everyone.

Which size?

S = from 1.10 m to 1.40 mM = from 1.40 m to 1.70 mL = Taller than 1.70 mBear in mind that these numbers should be interpreted based on your physique. If you're 1.45 m tall with a small head, size S may be better, whereas if you're 1.75 m and have a normal-sized head, choose size M rather than L.

A few tips for use.

We recommend always wearing a mouthguard during training and matches.To get the shape right when you mould it, soak it in boiling water for exactly the right amount of time. This time will be indicated in the user guide. It can vary from model to model. Watch the video tutorial to find out how to mould your mouthguard.To guarantee good protection, your mouthguard should stay in place when you open your mouth.

A few care tips.

You can wash your mouthguard in fresh water after each use.Before putting it in its case (original box), let it dry for a while.If you use it regularly (1 match, 1 training per week), we recommend replacing your mouthguard each