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playing racket sports in warm weather.

Special features

This Artengo TC 100 visor was specifically designed for playing tennis to not obscure your view (especially when you raise your head for a smash).A band around the head absorbs perspiration to keep it out of your eyes.A rip-tab at the back makes adjusting the size easy and improves comfort and fit.


The tab at the back can be adjusted to fit sizes 51 to 60 cm. The size shown is 56 cm.The underside of the visor is dark to reduce glare.

This Artengo sports visor protects your face from the sun. Its absorbent band is perfectly placed to absorb perspiration from your forehead. Also keeps hair out of your face.

Sun protection

Protects your face from the sun without getting in your way.


The fabric effectively absorbs perspiration.

Anatomic design

The size adjusts thanks to a tab that fastens with a rip-tab.

playing racket sports in warm weather.

TV 100 Tennis Visor T56

SKU: 2917122